Chapter 13

Get Control of debt with a plan

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows people to restructure (consolidate) their debts into one payment.

Almost anyone can file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment plan!

“We struggle and struggle to pay our bills but we can’t get ahead!  It’s time to get control of this mess.  We need a plan!”

If this sounds like your situation:

  • Credit card payments are taking all of my income.
  • I am afraid my car will be repossessed.
  • My mortgage is behind – I am scared and don’t know what to do.
  • Creditor phone calls are driving me crazy!
  • I am borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.
  • I can pay my bills if I can consolidate my debts.
  • I need to restructure my debt payments.

Then you can do this with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy…..

  • Reorganize your debts into a single payment that you can afford.
  • Stop your car from being repossessed.
  • Stop a foreclosure and catch up your mortgage.
  • Pay a tax bill or catch up child support payments.
  • Stop a garnishment.
  • Stop a lawsuit.
  • Keep your property.
  • Start rebuilding your credit.

And this will happen……

  • Relief!!!!!  Reduce your stress and worry!
  • You can pay your bills and stay out of Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  • You can start a plan to get out of debt.
  • You can get back on your feet.
  • You will build a better life for yourself and your family.

When should I file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy versus Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also known as a liquidation bankruptcy, is a legal option that can help you clear some or all of your debt. However, it may require you to sell or liquidate some of your property or cash. You may be able to clear your debts faster with Chapter 7 than with Chapter 13. Chapter 13 typically takes between three to five years to complete, Chapter 7 generally takes about 90 to 100 days from start to finish, which includes the time it takes to complete a credit counseling course before you can file.

However before filing either type of bankruptcy, your attorney will help you determine the type of debt you owe. Neither Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 lets you discharge the following:

Child support
Certain taxes

Bankruptcy is a major legal decision with serious consequences.  Individuals need to consider all their options before deciding to file for bankruptcy. Learn more about Chapter 7.


Here is what you need to do………

Find out if a Chapter 13 case can help you!

Learn your options. Talk to a local attorney. Call the Wagner Law Office  at 423-614-4224 and tell the office “ I need to know my options” or fill out Contact form below.

Attorney Rex Wagner will explain:

  • How a Chapter 13 bankruptcy works.
  • Do you qualify for Chapter 13?
  • How a Chapter 13 can help you!

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