Chapter 7

Get A Fresh Start

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows most people to wipe out their debts and start over.

Are you afraid you can’t pay your bills?  Do not live in fear!

Overdue BillsIf this sounds like your situation:

  • Do you worry about debts all the time?
  • There is no way I can pay all these bills!
  • Our income has been cut – We can’t pay our debts!
  • Are payday loans taking all your payday?
  • We will never be able to pay this mortgage!
  • My debts keep me awake at night?
  • I will never get out of this mess!
  • I am avoiding telephone calls from creditors.

Then you can do this with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy…..

  • Wipe out most debts and get a fresh start.
  • Start rebuilding your credit.
  • Keep your house or car, in most cases.
  • Keep most of your personal property.
  • Stop collection calls and garnishments.

And this will happen……

  • Relief!!!!!  Creditors will stop calling.
  • Your stress and worry will greatly reduce or go away.
  • Leave your debts behind forever.
  • You will get a chance to start over!
  • You can get back on your feet.
  • You can build a better life.


Here is what you need to do………

Find out if a Chapter 7 case can help you!

Learn your options. Talk to a local attorney. Call the Wagner Law Office  at 423-614-4224 and tell the office “ I need to know my options” or fill out Contact form below.

Attorney Rex Wagner will explain:

  • How a Chapter 7 bankruptcy works.
  • Do you qualify for Chapter 7?
  • How a Chapter 7 can help you!

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