Frequently Asked Questions

If I just ignore my debt problems, will they just go away?

No! If left alone, your debt problems will continue to grow.


Will filing for bankruptcy STOP creditor calls?

Yes. Filing for bankruptcy will give you time to “catch your breath”.


Will filing for bankruptcy STOP a lawsuit or foreclosure?

Yes, however it may be only temporary depending on the facts of a situation. Get a complete evaluation of any lawsuit or pending foreclosure!


If I file for bankruptcy, will I lose my truck?

No, except in rare circumstances. Find out how to protect your vehicle.


Can I still get my tax refund?

Usually, but not always.


Can I file for bankruptcy protection without my spouse?

Yes, you can file without your spouse.


I filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy a few years ago, can I file again?

Yes, most persons can file a Chapter 13 case, except in rare situations.


Will I lose all my property if I file for bankruptcy?

No, but you could lose some property depending on the type and value of the property. You need to figure this out before you file.


Can my ex-spouse file for bankruptcy on their debts?

This is a complex question with many issues. An ex-spouse cannot bankrupt on alimony and child support obligations!


What is the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

A Chapter 7 wipes out most debts. A Chapter 13 uses a payment plan to reorganize debts and pay your creditors. With both types of cases, creditors have to stop calling you!


Will filing for bankruptcy hurt my credit?

Yes, for a while, then it will get better.  If you need to file a bankruptcy case, your “credit” is already in bad shape.


3 Important Questions You Should Be Asking

  1. Will eliminating most of my debt help build a better life for me and my family?
  2. Do I have a plan to deal with my financial problem?
  3. Is there any reason I should not get free advice about my situation?

The biggest mistake people make dealing with burdensome debt is waiting too long to get clear advice about solutions to a problem.